Looking for headset recomendations


Nov 6, 2009
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I'm looking for a headset (or two) and was hoping someone could give me some recomendations. I've never done bluetooth on a phone before (found out my old clamshell supported it after I bought my droid hehe).

What I am looking for are primarily stereo headsets for listening to music. Ideally they should have basic track selection controls and a volume control. If they can also receive phone calls (i.e. has a mic) that would be even better.

They should also be sturdy enough to stay in place during a workout at the gym.

If there are wired (non-BT) alternatives I'd like to hear about those as well (for work).
I got the Motorola stereo Bluetooth for 59 bucks. Sorry I can't remember the model number. It is the one that hooks over the top of my ears and loops around behind my neck. It has all the controls for selecting music and making calls. I use it at the gym and it stays put without falling off. Sounds good and is comfortable.
I was looking at the Moto S9-HD's until I found the Altec Lansing Backbeat 903's.

They ROCK. Super comfy, stylish, great sounding and pocketable.

I picked mine up at an AT&T store for $79.
I would recommend the Rocketfish Bluetooth headphones. They sell at Best Buy for $59. I found mine on the internet for under $20 using the barcode scanner app. I have used a pair of knock off S9s and because I have a shaved head sweat would get in my ears during running or spinning and it would short out that ear. With the Rocketfish headphones they wrap around your ear and can sustain getting sweaty. I even used them for long bike rides and they do not have a problem maintaining connection in the streets. You should check them out.
I would go with either the MOTOROKR S9-HD's or the S305's. Since you said you plan on using them while working out I would go with the S9-HD's. There have been reports of the S305's absorbing sweat into the ear pads which causes problems.
I've used the S-9 and S-9 HDs for about two years. I loved how they sounded and fit, but I was never able to get more than 6 months out of a set before the sweat killed them (4 pairs in all).

I also tried the Rocketfish and also liked how they sounded, but the fit on me was terrible. All ears are unique though, only way to know is to try them. I can't speak for their longevity - I returned the set I had after a week.

I am still searching for a BT headset that can survive the workout environment. If I could afford to continue replacing them every 4-6 months I would keep using the S-9HDs. Can't do it, need the money for running shoes!
Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I've been reading reviews of the various headsets mentioned and so far the only one that doesn't seem to die to sweat is the Rocketfish one mentioned.

I'll probably give that one a go and see how it works out.
By any chance does anyone knwo if the Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth remote control headset works? It seems that it works under this protocols:

Hands-Free Profile v1.5 (HFP)
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) v1.0
Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) v1.4
Headset Profile (HSP) v1.1

Does the Droid has it? If so, then it wouldn't be a problem now would it...There is a store in NY that has them, and I would like to get one.....
I am now using the Plantronics Discovery 925, and hands down it gets my vote over my old motorola and jawbone. Sounds quality is very clear! The charge lasts me all day and believe me when I tell you I am on the phone all day long lol.
Headsets, like many other things, can be very subjective. If you're suggesting a headset, it helps to post why you like them. If you're asking for suggestions, it helps to post what is important to you. Even then, fit/comfort isn't guaranteed to be the same for everyone.
I have a Bose headset. I love it. It also has a built in mic on the side of the cord. It's perfect for listening to music and blocking the world out. It is comfortable. Not sure how it would work in the car while driving but it is perfect at home. It has become my new headband. Not sure of the cost, my daddy bought it for me! :)
At this moment, I'm wearing Sony HBH-DS980 stereo bluetooth headset. Very comfortable and sounds great. Not a ton of low end, but good enough. I wear them while biking and working out. No sweat issue since they are inner ear. They do dangle, but no interference. Calls sound really good and I get my audible notifications from My Tracks while biking. The display offers Caller ID too, so when my phone is in my pocket while riding, I can see who called. Battery life is good. I've gotten at least 6 hours, but I rarely have them on for that amount of time. They can be somewhat sound isolating, so beware of that. Overall, my favorite stereo headset. They are a bit more pricey than most, but the sound and functionality was worth it. Plus, I got them new on eBay for half of the Sony Style price of $149.99.
Ive started to ride my Mountain Bike and im looking for a good headset. I need something to listen to music while i ride. Id like them to be the headband type, like the Motorola s9. Ive read where some tend to short out due to sewat, Id like to aviod that. What do you recommend?
I just purchased a Motorola Motorspeak on the web for 30.00 and love it. This is the first headset I have ever owned that I can actually hear on. And it is also very comfy to wear.