Looking for a notification tone manager


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Jan 6, 2010
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Hi all,

Here's what I'm looking for:
When I go to bed at night and before I dock my Droid, I'd like an app with a widget that I can tap that will configure my notification tones, then when I tap again, it will go back. Basically I want to be able to keep the phone ringer on, and turn off the email and text message notification tones, all with one tap. Then in the morning, I want to tap the widget again and turn the email/text tones back on.

It would be cool to have multiple scenarios that could be configured, like:
Scenario 1 - ring tone on/text tone off/email tone off
Scenario 2 - ring on/text on/email on
Scenario 3 - ring on/text on/email off

Does that make sense? Anyone know of such an app?

you can almost do that from the power control widget, using the sync button to turn off emails. just and idea
There are apps that will do it based upon time of day and day of week. Timerrific comes to mind....