Looking for a DX case that competely seals


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Sep 29, 2010
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I've looked at a few sites including eBay and the hard cases will cover the backside but leave the display open. A cover decal is offered to protect the display, but I need a hard case that will have a door, so when closed, the phone is sealed off from dust and moisture (including the display).

I use my phone in a very dusty environment sometimes, and I don't want dust getting into the ports. And dust collecting on the display will simply scratch it after doing various swipes.

I've seen the leather "holsters" but they are porous, and do not fully enclose the phone. It does not have to be water proof but it needs to keep the dust out.

I've taken a look at Otterbox cases, but they are snap-together types that cover the display, but then finger swiping the collected dust will simply scratch the case window. It really needs to have a door for the display.

Does anyone know of a source for something like this?