Looking for a device to charge my spare battery...


Dec 27, 2009
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I was wondering if they sell a device that would charge my spare battery. I currently have 2 batteries and like to swap out a for a fresh one when the first one dies, as to eliminate charging time. Is there a way to charge a battery without it being in the phone? Know of any good cheap options? Thanks
Do you have the direct link to it? I can't find it or missed it on the page...

its on sale right now for $16.95 use FOMMYCALL10 to get 10% off....i just ordered one...here is the link
Amzer Desktop Cradle with Extra Battery Charging Slot For Motorola - Motorola Droid A855 - Fommy.com

Wow that is a Sa-Weet deal!

So how did this gadget work out? Looks like a good price.


Just to followup on the posts of others, I received this and sent it back. And I hated it. 2 fatal flaws:
--it DID NOT CHARGE MY DROID. Not even slowly, not even a little bit. And yes, I had that slider switch on the front set to the charge mode.
--the micro usb stem wiggled loose after docking it ONCE to the point it was virtually free floating in the plastic housing. And even with meticulous 2-handed efforts I could never get the stupid thing line up again to engage.

As a side note, it is ugly, with cheap plastic, an ultra-bright blue LED, and a massive AC cord.

It's tempting to have a cradle that also charges your battery, but I can assure you that this is NOT the one you want. Maybe somebody will come out with a different one someday, but I just sent my Amzer one back and ordered the OEM. Oh well.