Longer notification sounds???


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Mar 22, 2010
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Can there or is there an app to set the notification sounds to sound off multiple times rather than just sounding off once?
I know many smart phones and even blackberry allows you to set the ring tones or notification sounds to ring multiple times like ring once, ring twice, ring three times, etc.
I tend to miss the one and only sound notification when something arrives especially if I am in a noisy room or outdoors or just not really close to the phone to hear that one and only sound notification.
well, for SMS you can use Handcent. It will let you specify the number of, and the delay between, repeat notifications.
I use handcent already for that but for other notications such as receiving email, etc...sounds only play once and dont have adjustment to play more than once so I tend to not hear a new email message coming in as like stated above