Lockscreen font on .596


Jul 9, 2011
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So I am on Liquid Gingerbread 2.4 this week ( I seem to be trying a new one each week the last few weeks).

One thing I like is the lock screen. I am a fan of the rotary one. I am also a fan of the font (clockopia its called).

the couple of things I am not a fan of are:

the battery life...while it is pretty good with the extended battery, I had to underclock it to 800MHz and undervolt it to get about 18 hours of use. Which can be average. But I was getting 30+ each time with AOSP Liberty.

the other deal breaker right now which I cant seem to find any reason why is MMS messages are not able to be sent or received by my phone.
Not sure if its a 2nd-init thing or just my phone.

So I am basically looking for the stability Liberty AOSP (or even ApeX which I have not tried since 1.4.1) and the look of a source rom.

I know I can get WidgetLocker for the lockscreen and I am considering it, just wondering about the font on the lockscreen.

sorry the message is long...you are champion if you read it all the way through :)