loaded cm6 am i BRicked???


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Oct 20, 2010
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i was trying to load cm6 on my rooted 2.2( 4 days old ) incredible.. i had problem with rom manager... so i loaded alt recovery... did backup... then found patch..zip to fix rom manager... un zippedit .. then it seemed like rom manager was working... but it flashed screen.. no error i could see and it wet to black screen with white bars.... 10 min .. pulled battery.. rebooted to same black with white but with white block on bottom( 1/2 inch or so.. hmm so i finally got to boot to clock work but would alway got ot htc incredible screen and that is it... so i tried to reload .zip.. no ggod then i tried zipped back to 2.1 stock... oops now i get nada.. black screen only... i hit power with vol down nada... if i just hit power i get one buzz but nothing else.... plug into pc and hit power.. get usb chime and c sees it as android device with 1.0 loaded bt cant see drive or anything else.... am i dead or can it be saved... BTW my first problem i think was that i saved under some other recovery program( alt choice in rom manager) but then rom manager loaded and i tried to restore that file after first problem..