LG motion charging question/issue


Dec 3, 2009
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Bought an LG motion to activate it with MetroPCS. Ever since I had the phone it seems that the phone gets discharged rather quickly. If I charge it and disconnect it by 8pm at full charge, by 9-10am next day its already down to like 20% is that normal? I mean the phone isn't being used while I sleep. And why do I unplug it before I go to sleep? Well at MetroPCs they keep telling me that with this phone once it reaches 100% charged, that you have to unplug it otherwise it overcharges and the battery goes bad eventually.
I Never heard of such dumb thing. All the phones that I had in the past I've been able to leave them plugged in overnight with no damaging issues to the battery. Is this true about the overcharging thing that MetroPCS keeps telling me about?