Leak Alert- Verizon Motorola Droid X User Guide!


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Oct 20, 2009
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The Motorola Droid X is getting closer, so close you can almost smell it in the air! AlienBabelTech has just posted the entire 60 page Droid X user guide filled with tricks, tips, and a complete overview of the device. This will give you some good reading material while your waiting patiently for July 15th to be here. Download the file here: Verizon Motorola droidx_UG AlienBabelTech.com.pdf and be sure to visit our Droid X Forum!

Source: Articles | AlienBabelTech
Im sure people actually read this but im wondering how many? I never really read these things, im more of a hands on figure it out yourself kind of person. I love to touch make mistakes and fix em on my own. Feel much more of an accomplishment and less like im in school lol

Just curious... Who reads their manuals when buying a new electronic device?
Never read them. But leaks are fun!
i L O V E manual. i really like to read them very much :). i cant get enaugh manuals :O. manuals ftw !!!!
I like reading them as well, i have the manual already, and no watermarks in it hindering my view.
Droid x - Multimedia Mode with Magnet - Yes or No?

I went through the entire PDF file, and unless I'm much more tired than I thought - I see no mention of a Multimedia Mode such as the original Droid, induced by a magnet. Did I miss it or has this been omitted? Thanks to any with concrete evidence.. ;) mikey