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Jan 8, 2010
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After I downloaded isyncr for my phone, and put some songs on my phone the phone started lagging like crazy...and I mean BAD. It takes like 10 seconds to open texts. Sometimes my screen doesnt turn on when I press the unlock screen button. Transition between pages takes forever. And my battery is dropping a lot quicker. I don't get it...I tried turning off the phone and turning it back on, still lags.
Now I shut it off again, and there's a droid with an exclamation point on top of's stuck on that screen
thats the recovery. just take the battery out again and see what it does.

for lagging, id try a factory reset.
Get rid of that App and those songs. or maybe your SD card needs to be reseated.
I had to do a factory reset. I downloaded mybackup to back up all my information there, did a factory reset and now it's working great.

They replaced my old battery for free too.