K9 is no better for me.


Dec 24, 2009
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We all know the default mail client handles free hotmail POP3 badly. I switched to K9 after reading good reviews but honestly, i think it is just as bad as the default client. Am i the only one who suffers with these issues on K9 using free hotmail?

1. The only folder i have access to is the inbox.
2. Emails read on the phone are still unread when logged in via PC. Also emails read on the PC will show up as new and unread when K9 polls Hotmail later on.
3. Replying to emails from the phone does not work. Replies are moved to the sent folder on the droid but they are not seen in the sent folder of Hotmail when logged in via PC.
4. Occasionally an old read email will show up as unread.
5. There is a K9-mail errors folder that seems to occasionally indicate an error with K9.

I have the latest non beta K9 version installed.
Damn. I guess i am the only one having these issues with free hotmail and K9. FML.
I don't have any pop3 accounts set up but I have noticed some of the issues you've listed as well. The unread message count seems to be inconsistent, especially with gmail. There was a period where K9 showed new messages but when I clicked and refreshed the same old messages were there. It also doesn't mark messages for deletion appropriately on my imap server, even though I have delete from server checked.

I also noticed that it creates local folders, and it's own remote folders, for certain things and I can't quite figure when or why. The error folder is almost always uninformative as well.

So, yes, I think there are others with similar issues. For me the default app would be much better if only it could move messages.