K9 and attachments from gallery


Mar 22, 2010
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Overland Park, KS
Hey Everyone,

I'm obviously on 2.1. I use K9 mail and I noticed that when you try to attach a pic to a new email or a reply from the gallery, it can't find any pics or anything at all. It just says no items found with a hazy background display.

Is this a K9 problem? The default email client, which I never use, is able to find the gallery.

I'm rooted with Cyanogen and use K9. I just tried to add a photo from my Gallery as an attachment. Like you, I received "no items found"

I use corporate email as well. Interestingly, I was able to add a photo attachment from the Gallery with corporate email.

Looks like K9 has a bug.

Photo attachments to K-9 mail

I am running Android 2.1 and have the same problem with K-9 mail.

My workaround is to select Astro File Manager (2.4.0) instead of Gallery to find pictures on my Droid. Pictures are on the SD card under DCIM/Camera.

Hope this helps until an update comes out.

I also have the full version of Documents to Go and K-9 does not seem to recognize that I should be able to open these. I am forced to save to the SD card and open from there.:icon_evil:
Install OI file manager and this will resolve your problems with gallery and attachments in K9. It is listed under the developer notes.

Thanks for the response. Tried OI File Manager. Same results as with Astro File Manager except the images shown next to the file name on the SD card are much smaller with OI File Manager.