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PK Tutorial
Here is a general guide of Parallel Kingdom. Well not a full guide, as there is already an official one, but this one in M3ORPG will include a little more information.

So first of all, here is the official guide, where you can find general information: PK

Now my tutorial will include: getting started, general concepts, hats, and trading.

Getting Started
So if you don't already play Parallel Kingdom, or haven't finished a tutorial, here's an easy way to get a free bonus 1000 gold
and 300 Food
1. Download "Parallel Kingdom" from the AppStore (for free, and it's for Android too)
2. This is Parallel Kingdom Age of Emergence. Once a year or so they'll release a new "age," with a ton of new features

3. Start the app and make an account
4. There is a really long tutorial now, unfortunately. I joined before so I don't know what's in the tutorial, but you can PM me here and I will help you

:icon_ banana:

5. At the end of the tutorial, some monk asks you if someone refered you. Say yes, and enter the
code: XLUIK That's it
you'll be awarded with 300 food and 1000 gold.

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6. Now just finish the tutorial by relocating (via the menu)
7. Soon, you should be assigned with a "tutor." Tutor's are veteran players who are assigned to teach you some more basics. If your tutor's online, he should PM you soon, and you can ask him to take you to a few cities.

After you've gotten the hang of the game, check in your items and use the city ticket to your nearest city. Join it, and you'll be redirected to your oil well. Create a golemn and send it to collect crude oil. Come back every day to collect your crude oil, which can be dumped for a lot of money.
Then, start hunting with your dog. You don't need to build flags, but start collecting berries. Invest the rest of your gold in +0 backpacks (225 gold each, ask in trade chat). When you have more berries, you need a private area. If your city is a quiet one, you can build it there: a farm. Basically, go to the edge of your city area, and start building flags. In those flags, start planting your berries. Every 24 hours, you have to "tend" your trees, so they won't die. Trees die after 5 sick days. Tends give 10 pages each, and are the fastest way to grow up. After 5 days of tending, your trees will grow up, and start producing berries. Use these berries to plant more trees. Eventually, once you have a lot of berries, you can start dumping them for money. When you have a LOT of berries (over 1000) you can start selling them in trade chat for 14 gold each.

General Concepts
- the game map is based on google maps of the world
- people don't know where you are from
- trade posts are used to sell things with low urgency, or for security, but tax 10%
- when you "visit" something, there is a circle of mobility, where you can see and do things in it
- doing things gets you "pages" which allow you to level up
- food can be bought for real money, but is traded within the game too
- hats are weekly competitions in different categories
- don't build flags in random areas
- guard towers and roc shrines are towers you can use to get back to a custom spot
- roc feathers are used to travel around
- purses (+0 is 14k gold) are used to save your money when you die
- there are cities built where real cities are, and once you visit them, they end up in your estates where you can revisit them

Trading is a key point in the game. There are two ways to trade:
Trade Posts (short = TP). You can posts things in the trade post for food or gold, but the system will make the final price 10% higher; it is its tax. You post in the trade chat to make sure you don't get scammed, or when you have something miscellaneous to sell.
Drop-Trade. Drop trade is preferred by most because there is no tax. However, some people scam (take your goods and don't give their's). To avoid scamming, you should never drop first. Just say "If you don't mind, I'd appreciate it if you could drop/send first. If not, we could do staggered." If they say yes, great! And remember to do your part. If they don't want to, do staggered. So you send/drop first, but just a small amount. Wait for them to drop/send, then move on. If they take a long time, or it looks like they're leaving, or they do leave. Message them that you'll post them as a scammer in the forums and the chats. If they don't come back, do so. Post it in the forums and spam it in trade chat for the day, but keep level headed. At least you only lost a small amount.
Here's a list of average item prices at the trade posts (including tax): PK

Here's a guide on how to do the hats.
Hats start at Sunday 12:00AM CST, and last for a week.
Headband of Norris: post in trade chat and help chat "Who wants free gold?" and wait for messages. Invite them and tell them that you're going for the Norris hat, and that you'll pay 2k if they let you kill them.
Vila Hard Hat: duh
TD the Burninator: *Pairs with Vila* the easiest way to do this is to wait for a friend who's going for Vila. Then you can ask them to burn their flags as they go. *Boya will not let you burn his flags*
Popeye Hat: stock up on a LOT of wood beforehand
Bruno Hat: *Pairs with Popeye* wait for a friend who's going for Popeye and see if you can burn their buoys as they go. You'll also need a LOT of wood. *Roberto will not let you burn his flags*
Super Size Hat: stock up beforehand, announce in trade chat to come to your city with the trade post (make sure it's a remote city, and invite them)
Money Bags Top Hat: stock up beforehand, announce in trade chat to come to your city with the trade post (make sure it's a remote city, and invite them)
Miracle Max Hat: stock up on larva meat beforehand
Hanzo Headband: stock up on iron beforehand
Starr's Helm: stock up on leather beforehand
Slumlord Pimp Hat: get a lot of friends who will help you, and distribute feathers for them
Conan the Library Helm: post in trade chat and help chat "Who wants free gold?" and wait for messages. Invite the people and tell them you need them to study at your library. Include "It'll cost you 15 food to study, but I'll pay you 2000 gold
(2000 gold = 20 food
Johnny Appleseed Hat: plant a lot of trees beforehand in a private land, and plant 1000 berries a day during the hat
Fudd's Hunter Hat: waterhunt at Roberto's buoys
Halliburton Hat: get a lot of wells, and ask your friends to too. Ask them to raid their wells during your hat
Deerstalker Hat: stock up on inspiration tonics, and waterhunt at Roberto's buoys
Hungry Man: get a lot of food beforehand
Hilton Headress: borrow a lot of money beforehand, and post in trade and help chat asking people to let you upgrade their stuff, and you'll pay 20% of the cost
Towel of Dent: get an estate in asia and an estate in north america, stock up on feathers (50k minimum)
Indy's Fedora: prepare a lot of caverns (make sure you haven't gone to it the last 7 days, and get estates/invites around there beforehand)

- RJC0106

Everybody go try out Parallel Kingdom, free in the AppStore and is fun, advanced MMORPGs. In Parallel Kingdom, I'm rjc0106 , and refer me (code: XLUIK for Free Gold and food) Thanks :icon_ banana:

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