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May 29, 2010
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I have been lurking and toying around here for some time now. We don't always get a thank you from people who truly benifit from the work you guys put in. So I wanted to thank everyone who has done mods, video how to series and everything else custom. I was able to root my moto droid and install bb 0.4 froyo and chev kernal and my phone runs great with no errors. I was able to do it all by searching and reading with no questions that I couldn't find answers to. This site is awesome and I am sure to find even more new things. So a deep hearted thank you to everyone who contributes to this site. Your work is amazing and for this newb made me feel a bit smarter that i could do all the stuff I did. :rating10:
:welcome: to the Droid Forums. Thank you on behalf of everyone for your kind words.

What makes this Forum work is the members. Everyone helping each other respectfully. That's what it's all about. :)
Welcome...nice name...
possibly the greatest first post ever.

I'm not as helpful as the mods or the ones making roms, but i try to do my best to help with the little things. Just glad to share my knowledge of the Droid with others.
Yes, possibly the greatest first post ever ... I agree.

Phartwig - welcome to the group!