I've rooted 2.0.1....now how do i get to 2.1

Apr 8, 2010
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Hey guys, Ive already rooted my Droid after flashing back down to 2.0.1 from the 2.1 OTA update and am now at a lost as to what do next lol i basically want what everyone has, a rooted 2.1 Droid with custom ROMs and OC abilities thats it.

You will want to do the Nandroid, not an update.zip b/c your not coming from a 2.1 ROM. This means wiping your phone, so backup your apps with titanium backup (market) first.

Then install a Kernel, something from this thread maybe: (this will be an update.zip install) Read that thread for information about kernels.
ChevyNo1 - Get Yer Kernels Here (ERE25 Only)

Of course there are other ROMs/Kernels, these are just my preferences right now...

Enjoy, oh and always backup your ROM twice before flashing a new ROM. ;)
thanks guys!
I'm still in the Nandroid phase as in trying to set it up D:
Ive been following this guy [video=youtube;Qi2cPTaPAtE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qi2cPTaPAtE]YouTube - Motorola DROID - How to Create a Nandroid Backup - Part 1[/video]
Its elaborated on the information you've given
but im stuck as in im not getting the Android "!" screen when it reboots
you need to hold down the "X" key on the physical keyboard before powering on the device. hold "X" until you see the recovery screen.

Also see: rootyourdroid.info for tons of good information and walkthroughs on rooting... it has screenshots, which I'm not sure the other guides have.