Issues upgrading to CM6 RC2


Nov 10, 2009
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I'm currently running CM 5.0.8 (so no froyo for me yet). I want to upgrade to CM6 so I can finally jump on the froyo bandwagon. However, I'm having a couple issues doing so.

I have ROM manager installed, and I am downloading everything through there. When I get CM6 RC2 installed (am I supposed to wipe when I do this? because I'm currently NOT doing so...), half of my apps are missing from the app drawer. I have (had?) apps2sd installed in CM5.0.8, so I know that the apps are missing because CM6 doesn't see the apks on my sd card. My question is how do I restore the links? I have TitaniumBackup installed, and I would resort to using that to restore everything, but I can't use it because it's stored on the sd card as well. Which leads me to my next problem... the market doesn't work. I'll tap the market icon, a blank page will appear, and then disappear. How am I supposed to get the market back, so I can install TitaniumBackup, and restore all my apps?

And then I have one other slight problem, kind of unrelated. For the past month, I have had a voicemail icon in my notification bar telling me that I have a voicemail. I do not have any. I'm using Google Voice, and I've both dialed the number and used the app, and I have no new voicemails. Resetting the phone doesn't get rid of the notifiction, and even after I installed CM6 the icon was still there. How do I get rid of it?

I'm pretty much willing to do anything to my phone to get it setup correctly, as long as my all my data can be restored. In addition to TitaniumBackup, I also have MyBackup Pro running daily backups.

For the time being I'm back in CM5.0.8. Thanks for any help, it would be much appreciated, and sorry for the essay.


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Jun 16, 2010
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YOU MUST WIPE when moving from an Eclair build to a FroYo build. There's just too much changed code to do otherwise. I'm sure someone has done it successfully, without resulting lag and other issues, but that person must have that mythical Perfect Phone. :)

There's a market fix floating around, but wiping the phone (and then clearing the cache and stored data for the store from the applications menu under settings) should clear that up. Also, your phone will run slowly for a while after you've properly installed CM6 RC-2 because it will be syncing your apps from the market. Also, you MUST reinstall the Google Apps update after you've wiped.

What I'd suggest. Nandroid backup, wipe 2-3x both system and cache, install CM6 RC-2, reboot, make sure it's working, reboot, nandroid backup, install Google Apps, reboot, make sure it boots up alright, wait fifteen minutes to half an hour to an hour for the apps to install off the market, test the market to see if it's working and if not wipe the cache from the settings>applications>manage applications menu, then try it again. If the market still isn't working, get the market fix and install it, then reinstall Titanium Backup, see if any apps are missing and install them that way.

If you have any further problems do a nandroid restore and go leave a message on the CyanogenMod forum about your issues. I'm sure they'd like to know what's going on so they can troubleshoot it for RC-3 or the full release.
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