Issues Since Upgrading to 2.2


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Aug 27, 2010
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Issue #1
When I am searching for Contacts to address a text message to, all numbers for a contact are displayed (Home, Mobile, Work, etc.). In the previous version, only numbers listed under "Mobile" for a contact were displayed to be selected. I only want mobile numbers listed for each contact when trying to send a text.

Issue #2
When using the Phone app, when I select the Search button on the phone (the magnifying glass on the lower right of the phone), the screen is black with the "Search contacts" field enabled at the top. I must then touch in the "Search contacts" field in order to get the keypad to display to begin searching for contacts. In the previous version, once you selected the Search button on the phone while using the Phone app, the keypad was displayed. Why must I now take an extra (wasted) step?
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