Issue with dialer


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Apr 26, 2010
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Hi Everyone,

I am a new Eris owner and I really love the phone. My one big gripe is that the dialer is way to jumpy to fire off bad calls. It is so bad that it is almost a deal breaker for me. I rarely ever need to actually make calls so it really upsets me that it is so jumpy to fire of false dials. They seem to have put no thought into this central feature. I cannot believe there is no setting to ask for confirmation before dialing!

I tried easy dialer and it seemed to work for a couple days but now the "phone" button and the bottom seems to work without confirmation. Is there anyway to shut the phone feature off so that I only use easy dialer or to set up a confirmation before dialing?

Please help!
I also hate the way the actual phone feature is on the Eris. I make a lot of calls and just want to use the speaker phone feature but the damn screen turns off as soon as I hit call and then it wont come back on unless I cover the light sensor and uncover it several times. Also the 0 is way to close to the end call button. I've accidentally hung up quite a few times while trying to navigate phone systems that require you to hit a number to talk to a live person. The other problem is it seems to lag a lot, I hit call button but it doesn't do anything so I hit it again and it calls then hangs up instantly.