Is there anything I can do to get better 3G reception?


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Jan 8, 2010
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I work in Boston, downtown, and I live in a heavily populated area, too. I've recently traded in my iPhone for the MotoDroid and so far I've been really disappointed with my signal wherever I go.

With the iPhone, anywhere in this general area of Boston, I would have a full 3G signal everywhere. Now with the MotoDroid, when I'm in my office, I tend to not even get a 3G signal, likewise at home I'll have only one or two bars for 3G.

In between, the signal will occasionally go full, but more often than not it's only one or two bars and frequently just dropping to 2-3 bars on 1X.

I called Verizon support and they kept telling me that it was just my office building preventing a good signal from coming in. Again, my iPhone had a great signal in here. It's really frustrating because whenever I try to use data apps, it's been slow as molasses. I've updated the PRLs, but obviously that's only for roaming, so signal strength stays crappy.

Would they replace my phone easily if it's a hardware thing? I believe I've read that some folks have had faulty antennas or something...