Is the 2.2 upgrade really coming to the Ally?


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Oct 29, 2010
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I have read a lot of mixed information from other forums on the upgrading the Ally to Froyo. LG nor Verizon had definiteve answer.

If any one has info I would love to hear it!

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An LG rep sent me an email response yesterday that said at this time they can not confirm compatibity of Android 2.2 and the Ally. There should be a maintence update about current known bugs with update 1 released....When? Who knows?

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I called LG on the 26th of October and a rep confirmed that 2.2 (froyo) was finished and released to Verizon for testing. I said I needed 2.2, he said if I wanted to pay for shipping I could send it back to them and they would install 2.2 for me. After that I called Verizon and told a tech what I was told. Her name was Nicole. She confirmed it and said VZ was still testing it and there was no general release date, she then said it was forthcoming and to be patient.
So there ya have it. Hope this helps someone. I need Flash 10.1 myself so I am becoming impatient myself.

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