Is That John Legere Using An Iphone 6?


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Oct 6, 2011
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Another photo of the Iphone 6 leaks out. This time in the hands of T-Mobile CEO John Legere. It is not apparently clear that the phone in his hand is in fact an Iphone 6. We do see that it is device that appears to be larger than the Iphone 5s. Directly after this image was tweeted John tweets from an Iphone. If you put two and two together you can figure out what he is holding. There was a short video review of the Iphone 6 posted to youtube a few days back and the phone presented was a larger phone. So the image above would line up with everything we have seen so far. I guess we will see what exactly Apple has up it's sleeves in tomorrows announcement.

via +MattGroff