Is Apple feeling the heat a little?


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Oct 30, 2009
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Here is an artice I was reading. If this hold true. it looks like AT&T may be feeling a little nervouse about the Droid being released. Here's a link for you guys to read AT&T may launch $99 iPhone 3GS to compete with Droid

Again this is just a rumor but I still find it interesting
First off, Apple is doing fine. They posted profits during a big recession, so they certainly are not hurting.

They are probably not thrilled that they got beat to the biggest & best US cell phone market (Verizon) by Google & Motorola.

There isn't much more room to grow on AT&T's network (unless they drop prices), and they won't make nearly as much money from smaller carriers like Sprint or T-mobile.

Verizon is their last, best chance to sell a lot of phones....and Verizon knows it.
I don't think Apple is worried to much. They have a good product and I'm sure will continue to make improvements to keep up with features offered by Droid Phones.

From the polls on this forum, RIMM is the company that appears to be losing the most market share to the Army of Droids.
Alot of the tech industry posted gains during the "recession" so, don't mean much that apple did to. If the droid takes off like everyone is expecting it to, apple WILL be hurting sooner or later. Maybe not straight off the bat, but they will feel it, and not like it. ATT needs to worry about upgrading their network, not suing verizon. I could see a 50 drop off their phone as a good thing but if they drop 100 it sounds like they are desperate.
I agree.. so much time and money wasted in lawsuits.. just make your product/service better and you wouldn't have to worry about it.. Apple will always have a loyal following and nothing can be done about that. Think about how many MP3 players are actually better then the iPod, yet it's still the most popular mp3 player. For the record, I have never purchased an iPod :)