Is anyone else having issues with the playstore today?


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Jan 16, 2012
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I can't download anything.. I've already cleared the cache and force closed play services, play store.. Un installed updates... Now it doesn't want to prompt to update... Idk what's going on rebooted the device... Cleared the cache.. Tried to clear the cache through recovery.. That wouldn't work... This is getting annoying...
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Did a factory data reset... Still nothing..i can't download anything from the play store
Last edited: irritating..anyhow..suggestions and ideas welcomed...I've done a complete FDR. Still no change...
I don't have any ideas or suggestions (sorry), but I am able to download from the Play Store. The store is working fine for me.

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Remove your Google account, reboot, add the account again.
Wait... You did an FDR? Well then the Google account was removed. Idk.
I'm getting "Error processing purchase" when downloading certain apps.

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I even made a second Google account..and tried..same thing..tried it over WiFi with my droid maxx..same it's definitely a google issue..not on my end..thanx for the input..

On the other side of the coin..the turbo dialer issue I had , is now resolved...:confused:
All is well was a google issue..