Is a smartphone really going to be useful for me?


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Nov 8, 2011
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I did have an opportunity to use a smart phone (non-android) last year for a month and I found I just used it as a phone. Therefore I am curious to here from people like JSM9872 who thought they didn't need one, but then found a smartphone useful - what do you mainly use it for? I am not an occasional computer user, I work in IT and I use my laptop 2 to 4 hours a day, out of work, mainly on the Internet, but if I visit my parents, for example, then I generally don't use their computer or take mine with me, except if I am staying over night, when I may quickly check my email - I visit my parents to socialise, not to spend time alone on the computer. Also I'm interested to hear from dweezle, as maybe checking email and Internet browsing is not what smart phones are all about - maybe its the apps. On my laptop, I don't use many apps - I use a DVD maker app, Google sketch-up, photo editing & Office apps (although mainly use Google Docs) and a few other apps, non of which I would want to use on a small screen and keyboard. So for people who use apps a lot, are these apps equivalent to apps that they use (or use to use) on their computer, or completely different apps and for apps that you wouldn't use on a regular computer - what apps are most useful?




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Dec 21, 2010
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Well I actually started with blackberry probably about 4 years ago. It was great for me because much of the communication done in college to students, professors, etc all went through email. So I had instant access to them, which I loved. But now that I have moved to Android it has mushroom clouded. I use many different apps to either stay connected with friends (facebook, g+, etc.), play games, obviously internet/Google, pay bills, track accounts, the list goes on. More recently I am trying to get myself involved in keeping a schedule via calendars, reminders etc but I am still terrible at remembering to do so. So I guess it boils down to use of apps, basically anything you can think of there is an app for and I love it.

To sum it up I use it as my social net worker, email device, internet browsing, and pretty much anything I can think of along the way. If I want to do it with my phone I pretty much can and it is addicting.