Internal memory vs SD Card


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Oct 24, 2010
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Hello, I'm new to the Droid X and have a questions. I transferred my SD card from my old phone to my Droid so I would have my old photos and such. The droid came with a much bigger SD card that I would like to transfer everything to. My question is: Can I transfer whatever is on the SD card to the internal memory, so that I can transfer the previous stuff to the new SD card? Thanks a lot, I'll have more questions eventually.
The only thing that you can copy/move to internal memory would be any apps that you may have stored on the SD card.

This should work:
Insert one of the SD cards mount your phone and copy the content of the SD card to your computer.

Unmount and change SD cards. Mount your phone and copy the SD card to your computer. Now merge the files and copy back to one or both of the SD cards.