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Nov 22, 2012
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Hello! I am new to this forum so if I am doing anything wrong, please correct me. I have had my Droid RAZR MAXX for about 8 months now and it has held strong until last night. The phone was left in my pant pocket and I accidentally stepped on it while changing. The phone externally looks perfect except for minor unrelated scratches here and there. Under the external display there seems to be cracks on the internal display. I know it is the internal display that is cracked because the external display is still smooth and clear. My problem is that the phone no longer has back lighting, so whatever I do it is unseen. The phone seems like it works fine because it still rings and alerts whenever it receives a call or text(the led light on the top left even blinks like usual), the problem is that there is nothing on screen except blackness and faint white light coming from the cracks. I contacted Motorola and filled out the "submit for repair" form online and printed out the receipt. It is $99. What I need help about is my internal data. Do you guys thing Motorola will have to delete any of my internal data when they replace the screens? I have backed up everything using my PC but I have very important text messages and MMS's in there and don't know what to do. I hope they won't have to delete any of my data. Do you guys think so? I live chatted with 2 Motorola Reps and 1 said "Big chances that the files will be deleted and phone will be set to default settings." The same guy also said when they install the new screen, they need to install software which will cause my data to be erased. The other said "It's only a screen replacement, so no data will be deleted.", who is right here? Please help me! Thanks - David J. King

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