Inner workings of app storage locations and SDcard partitions


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Apr 29, 2010
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Hi All,

So, I was geeking around with my phone, and read through the post(s) on using pm setInstallLocation to control where apps that were downloaded are stored.

I then realized that because I had previously been using a CM ROM and Clockworkmod (love it!) that I had partitioned my SDcard with swap and sd-ext (all via the format SD card function in Clockworkmod).

Not finding anything that stated I *had* to keep those with BB V0.1, I found a copy of 'parted' and nuked the whole SDcard and then let the phone come up, complain that the card was 'damaged' and re-format the whole thing.

The result was/is a single fat32 partition of almost 16G {which matches the total amount of storage showing on my wife's completely stock, Droid 2.1}

My phone *seems* to be okay, but *maybe* it's a little slower...{you know how if you stare at something for a really, really long time, it seems to chanage before your eyes?}

So, my question is: does anybody know if a swap partition or sd-ext partition are useful for BB ROMS?