Inbound Calling issue: GV>Sipgate>Sipsorcery>Sipdroid


Jan 5, 2010
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I have no idea if anybody here has played with this setup. It works well if you have home and office WiFi and GV set up as "family" number. My minutes have dropped in half. Now I need to figure out the final piece of the puzzle.

Happy to provide more info on request on how I set this up. Or see this LINK.

My Setup:

Google Voice>Sipgate/Gizmo5>Sipsorcery>Sipdroid(Droid)/LinksysSPA2102

GV Setup:

Pots landline = Home
Verizon Cell = Mobile
Sipgate = Work
IPKall(disabled) = Work
Gizmo5 = Gizmo

Sipsorcery Setup:
I have 2 sip accounts: droid and SPA
both accounts bind to device and devices register

I have Gizmo5 and Sipgate as providers.
Both services register

I have 3 dial plans. mini, simple and complex. Mike Telis scripts.
I use the simple plan for both accounts.

The issue is that I can make and receive calls on the SPA, so I know everything is working.

But, I can not receive calls on the droid via sipdroid. I CAN call out.
I disabled the SPA at Sipsorcery and all numbers except Sipgate at Google Voice to test this.
I have Sipgate set to auto answer. I have tried no auto answer. I am really confused as to my issue.

Thank you for any advice in advance.