Important LiMod poll. Please Vote!

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Jan 25, 2010
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Members of Lithium Mod are discussing the base of Lithium Mod. The two contenders are AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and Cyanogen Mod Source. I won't go into too many benefits/downsides of each so please inform yourself of what these are and post your vote here!

If you have no clue what the heck any of this means DON'T VOTE ;)
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I vote CyanogenMod Source because CM has had about 3 years of modifications to the AOSP source while STILL keeping up with the main AOSP project. It is as fresh as AOSP is but with all the extra features you guys have grown to love.

I for one don;t want to start all over with pure AOSP only to have to turn around and "recreate the wheel" for all you users because ya'll are constantly requesting features from CM thats not in AOSP.

Just my two cents as a Rom developer...

Pave your own way. Those that request features in CM can use that mod.
CM source. Why go through the trouble of recreating all the things that people want in a rom when it has already been done. It is a great base to start with.
I vote aosp but obviously there is some disagreement.
I would go with source....anything CM equals battery hog if in my opinion, with my phone anyways.

AOSP, and jrummy any chance you could point me in the direction of getting into deving I would really like to become more hands on with rom devolopment but no idea where to start.
guys, you have no idea how much work itd take to do all the cyanogenmod edits, they have too many devs. If you want a mod thats up-to-date with all the others, you have to vote cyanogenmod
just my 2 cents
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