If you could only have ONE game. Which one would it be?


Rescue Squad
Rescue Squad
Jul 29, 2010
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I am not a huge "phone gamer" but do occasionally find myself bored and waiting around. So if you could only have one game on your phone what would it be?
Scrambled Net. (I'm not a huge action fan I suppose).

Terrific time waster, and if you thin you have gotten the hang of it, then go to the insane level.
one game of any kind? Solitaire
video game for the droid? NFS SHIFT. hands down
I've tried all the most popular android games and they pretty much all suck in my opinion, the best are the emulators....
My current favorite is Scrambled Net. I'm liking Alchemy also.
i play asphalt 5 very often. but also nova. hmmm hard to decide. i think i would choose nova, asphalt costs me to much nerves :D.
on pc it would be fallout 3.
The one game that i always find myself going back to when i'm bored is AirAttack, they have a free version with ads, but you dont see them when you play.
Radiant is probably the best one I've played

it's Space Invaders with great graphics and a level up system, very addictive.
Big Mountain Snowboarding. I'm a big snowboarder and fan of all s/b video games. This one is 3d with spins and grabs and accelerometer control. It is ported from iPhone and it runs great on Droid. It was pay only, but the dev's just released a free demo so try it out. It's the game I play most often on my phone. Plus, I multitask with some music in the background and me shredding in the game, just like real life snowboarding with headphones.