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Sep 15, 2010
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I have a Droid 2 and can find nothing like this anywhere. I've seen lots of requests for this, but can't find an app, or even a rom, with this functionality.

You've seen an iPhone or Blackberry with an email icon showing how many unread emails you have...a missed call icon showing the number of missed sms icon showing how many unread texts.

Why not create an app that would put a email icon, missed call icon, and text message icon on top of the NOTIFICATION/STATUS bar (left area where there's room). You could see at a glance how many unread emails, missed calls, and unread text messages you have. No need to return to your desktop. No need to open the notifications. You could see it all at a glance without leaving your current app (and maybe without even unlocking your phone?).

THERE ARE several apps in the market place that will do the above, except the icons are on the desktop NOT in the notification/status bar. For example, Launcher Pro and aHome have an option for numbered icons on your desktop but again, they do not place them in the status bar so you can see them at a glance. And what if you don't use LP or aHome? There's a couple that do gmail but that's all they do. There's an (awkward) widget that does all 3 on the desktop, but they're widgets and not normal icons and they're not on the notification bar.

You have a status bar. Developers should use it (for this purpose ;P). You could give the user the option of putting the icons on top of the status bar or on the desktop and you'd be the only game in town for a comprehensive solution.
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