icon and homepage issue


Jul 4, 2010
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South Carolina
When i first got the phone i didn't ever get this issue, but now almost everytime i try to move an icon on one of my home screens, there are no blocks that show up to drag and drop the icon...instead the icon just disappears. I then have to reboot the phone, only to find the icon in one of my folders on my main screen. I never had the folder selected, and it only shows the icon in that folder after reboot. Very frustrating
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I am having the same issue.

If I try to drag and icon it just disappears, and if I try to drag a folder it just snaps back into place.

If I re-start the phone then all seems to be working fine.

It was working incorrectly like this when I first picked up the phone on launch day and did the re-start, and then this morning it started to do it again so I re-started the phone and it seems fine again.

I think I will wait until Verizon has plenty of these phones in stock before I see about stopping in at the local store and swapping it out.

Overall I am loving this phone (especially since I am coming from a Storm 1!!)

PS - If I do have to swap to a new one, can I re-download apps I have paid for (like Touchdown) or do I use the backup assistant to get everything over to a new phone?
I did a factory reset of the phone and so far this has fixed the issue. We'll see if it stays fixed now.
Same problem here. I just run my app killer and it works every time :)
Yeah and i have a feeling if i go to my verizon store about it they will tell me its my fault

As long as you get a store rep that's up to speed on this phone,You should have no problem.

Have you tried taking the battery out and see if that cures you ill's??
Next step would be the factory reset. The only drawback is it's like starting all over again. This may not be so bad seeing that now you have more knowledge of the phone.