i need a rom to flash for my droid pro

Sep 20, 2011
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hello, my name is ertan. sorry for my poor english.

i have bought a motorola droid pro from ebay.
as i have received the phone, there was no os installed.

i have downloaded a lot of several roms, renamed them to "update.zip", and copied to sd card.
by pressing "r" + "m" powering on i was gone into recovery mode.

"Android system recovery <3e>"

i have wiped data/factory reset
wiped cache partition

than tried to apply sdcard update.zip

i am not able to flash any rom. i always get the error:

e:signature verification failed. installation aborted

it doesn´t matter which rom i take.

which rom is compitable with motorola droid pro ?
or can i downgrade to recovery mode 2e ?
i believe that recovery 3e has a security mode in it