HTC Thunderbolt Activation / Hack with No SIM Card ?


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Aug 19, 2011
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I recently bought a Thunderbolt while in the US. I'm from Canada and want to use it for development and with a mifi. This phone is not currently available in Canada.

Now, since I don't have a SIM I can't bypass the lock screen. I've researched a bit and touching the screen on those four points clockwise doesn't work. I also tried the emergency call with ##778 and got asked a password. After I entered 000000 I got the same screen with the 9 dot pattern. Now the password never gets asked anymore after I try the ##778, I just go back to the lock screen with the 9 dots.

I've seen another post about this here but they never got to a solution.

So my questions are:

1- Will getting a SIM from Verizon fix this even if I don't activate the phone?


2- How can I root this phone if I can't even unlock it? I can't set the USB Debugging Mode because I have no access and I can't disable WiFi either.

All I want is to use this phone with Wifi.

Thanks a lot.


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Aug 22, 2010
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You can use the thunderbolt without a sim card... the lock screen must have been put in place from a previous owner... which sucks for you, but try RUUing the phone, that'll put it back to factory settings.

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