HTC Talks Android


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Sep 21, 2010
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In a recent interview, Peter Chou, talked Android and Windows Phone 7. He spoke of their tromendus growth from an insignificant luxury phone maker to an everyday popular brand that makes Apple break out the lawyers. He thanks Android for a lot of their sales growth and says they are behind it 100% (and not just because revenue is up 75%).

Here is an excerpt from what he originally said:
In terms of models, I think HTC Droid Incredible, HTC Evo from Sprint, and some models on T-Mobile, like the myTouch, and we have the launch of the G2, these are quite significant volume contributors for U.S. market. And in Asia, HTC Desire and HTC Legend and Wildfire are selling very well as well across Europe and Asia.
Our strategy is to not completely rely on one single model. We are creating a portfolio to let the customer in different regions decide what they want and what they like. Our strategy is more of providing customer preference so they can also differentiate for them, so we are not providing just one model for everybody. HTC wants to diversify our business so we are not vulnerable to one single model or one single customer. We are doing our business quite broadly across the world in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and working with more than 70 mobile operators across the world. And we hope we can continue to balance product portfolios across regions and technologies so we can attract all kinds of customers.

Now that sounds like HTC is going to have a great rest of the year with their new Android (Droid) devices coming out and their Windows Phone 7 devices coming out.

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