HTC Merge / Lexicon prototype previewed, 800MHz processor produces sweet scores


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Jun 5, 2010
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We're not sure exactly what Verizon is up to with these high-end Android phones that aren't Droids and feature Bing over Google, but it looks like the Fascinate is about to get a friend: BGR just got these snaps of the HTC ADR6325, which appears to be the Merge we've heard so much about, and the same dual-mode set we saw at the FCC. Nothing's confirmed specs-wise except a five megapixel camera, microSD slot, and SIM slot for global roaming, but we're still pretty sure this thing will basically be the CDMA version of the Desire Z / T-Mobile G2 and feature a Qualcomm MSM7630 processor with 4GB of onboard storage. And then there's that Bing logo on the homescreen -- we don't know how thoroughly it's integrated into Sense, but here's hoping it's better than what Samsung accomplished with TouchWiz on the Fascinate -- hardware troid central his promising shouldn't be saddled with carrier-wrecked firmware. credit to endgaget for this write up

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My 2cents are for the people saying that they will not het the HTC merge because of the phone only coming with a 800 Mhz processor then you are dumb as the video link that android central posted up on youtube of the benchmark tests topping out @ 1500 stock ....FYI that beasts the droid2 & Droid X's 1 ghz processor hands down .....also on a side Note I just noticed the phone ran at 50+ fps, it just reminded that the EVO cant go more than 30 fps Also after further research there was a update to the the evo that push's the fps up to 52 the HTC merge can average 55 oh evo has a 1GHz processor so yeah & that is stock cant wait to see this thing with a custom Rom/Overclocked kernel & it is 4g Capabilities & it is able to work in world travel this phone will be on my early upgrade list in November. Video link from android central of benchmark tests on HTC merge..


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