HTC Also Announces the HTC Grip Fitness Band


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

Although HTC wasn't able to keep the HTC One M9 under wraps before the big reveal, we were surprised by the release of the new HTC Grip. It's a fitness band with several features and a very sporty look.

They didn't share much of the details for the device, but it was developed in partnership with Under Armour, and should be available this spring for $199.
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I picked up the Band last November. It's not a perfect device by any means, but Microsoft just released a web Dashboard with a good deal of health/performance data, and for $200 and pretty damn good Android integration, I think the money was well-spent. It's first generation so yeah better things are down the road.

I'm disappointed that HTC balked on including a HRM in the Grip. I'm pretty satisfied with the Band's -- not perfect but way better than putting my finger on my jugular all the time. ;) I'd say overall that the Band is the better device (of course, I bought it so I HAVE to say that!).