How to Undelete SD Card files With SD Card Recovery ( Mac and Windows )


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Aug 30, 2010
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How to Undelete SD Card files With SD Card Recovery ( Mac and Windows )
Five-Step undelete SD card files:

This section explains the procedures you should follow to undelete SD card files. If your camera is recognised as a logical drive under Mac, you can let SD Card Recovery directly access your camera. If your camera is not recognised as a logical drive under Mac, then you will need to use a SD Card Reader.
The step-by-step instruction of undelete SD card files is as following:
1. Select Drive Letter
After you have started SD? Card Recovery, select the drive letter of your card reader or digital camera.

2. Select the file type you wish to scan, or select the model camera you are using.

3. Select Target Folder
Next you should specify a target folder. SD Card Recovery will save the reconstructed files to this folder.
Do not select your SD card as the destination, as this will destroy the data on the card and it will not be recoverable! Choose a separate drive and folder. The default is My Documents\My Pictures\Recovered.

4. Start Undelete SD Card files
Click on START SCAN and wait a few minutes. The application will scan the entire SD Card for recoverable files and Undelete it if possible. Once the software completes scanning process on your SD card, it will present a tree of found files, Your files will automatically be saved in the destination folder
The Status field will show you how many files have been found and reconstructed.

5. When the scan is finished, you will get a scan completed message.
Verify that the deleted files have been undeleted.