How to synch astrid list between 2 users?


Apr 3, 2010
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Title says it all. My wife and I both have droids. We'd like to maintain basically one list (and tags within: grocery, to-do, etc.). My theory is that we both have Astrid on our Droids and then both sign-in to a synch agent (RTM or Producteev) under the same username. Then, as we make changes to our Astrid lists, it also automatically synchs with the agent and other's phone (you have to set auto synch times within settings of course).

Anyways, we initially tried RTM; however, I'd mark tasks complete on my list and synch and they'd again re-appaer back onto my active list. I'm now trying Producteev with the same appproach and will see what will happen.

Should I have to add users under the website Producteev and log-in as different users to be successful at my objective or has someone done what I've done before and it's worked?