how to send jpg attachments on the Droid


Nov 29, 2009
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I have figured out how to download a jpg on the Droid — now how do I email a jpg on the Droid?

I have tried send a jpg attachment using the Gmail app, the email app, and Gmail on the browser. Result: no go, period. Gmail, the mobile version on the browser, doesn't even offer an attachment option (at least I didn't see one). And on the Gmail/email Droid apps, all i get is a "Sending" indication in red, which stays red forever and never completes. How come? I've searched on the web and it appears (at least from what I've understood) that most people are able to send at least jpgs (albeit no other kinds of attachments).

Now here's one detail that may be messing things up. Droid renames my jpgs in Gallery. So if my file is named P1234.jpg, the Droid-name version is Downloadfile3.jpeg. It's bad enough that it's renaming the file, but to rename the file format...that takes the cake. Is it possible that the file can't be sent because of the "jpeg" (instead of "jpg") name at the end?

If so, is there a way to go in there and change it back to "jpg"? I don't see any access to this kind of information.

What about other kinds of attachments: pdf, doc, zip? How can I get/send/open/read/save these kinds of files on the Droid? Or should I ask this question in a separate post?

Please, if someone has any insight into this, I'd greatly appreciate it. If I can't send and/or receive attachments, I probably won't be able to keep the Droid.



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Nov 4, 2009
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don't start mutliple threads for the same issue. see your other thread for answers.