How to remove ClockworkMod Recovery?


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Jan 20, 2010
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Yea....I screwed up (I think) and installed the ClockworkMod Recovery from ROM Manager. From what I've been reading I should not have done that and just used the Droid X Bootstrapper instead....can I reverse what I did?

Now when I try to install ROMs....they install fine...but on always just hangs at the M screen. Then a battery pull and boot brings me to recovery and I have to restore my backup....
I did the same thing. Use the dx version and you shouldn't have any real problems with both being on there.

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Abe21599, you mean just remove bootstrap and use clockwork? or remove bootstrap first then clockwork?

liferefugee, recovery DOES's just that I can never load a ROM. No matter which ROM I've tried....I always get stuck at M screen. But I can always battery pull and that brings me into recovery and I can do a nandroid restore of my backup.

Jackzor, running bootstrap has not seemed to remove clockwork. Or at least clockwork still think's it's installed.
jsut try to remove the bootstrap see if that fixes it.