How To: Optimize customization w/out root.


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May 20, 2010
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I have been reading on here and seen a lot of people asking about the benefit of FOLDERS and how to get the most out of their display. Now my suggestion may not be on the leading edge but i figured it was worht mentioning.

Step one 1:

Download the OPEN HOME app. It's worth the price. You can download many free themes or paid ones. After you get familar with it's use...

Step 2: Down load BETTER KEYBOARD. And what ever skin catches your eye.

Step 3: Find an ICON PACK. I like to use ones made for whichever them i choose.

Now this is where the folders come into play. U can drag and drop items together to put mult. apps in one folder or do like me and drag and drop an app on top of another one and delete whichever app doesn't belong. The purpose of leaving only one app in a folder is that this allows you to customize that apps icon with the ICON PACKS mentioned above.

It seems like its a pain to have to do twice as much clicking to get to the same program but it's worth the aesthetics.

Also some added apps that I like are HANDCENT SMS (lots of cusomizing to your messeging) and DIALER ONE

If security isn't a big deal (lock screen) try LOCK BOT