How to fix droid out of boot loop? Updating Roms/Kernels?


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Dec 21, 2009
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Hey I have not used my droid for a long time, months since Febuary, and seeing as how every single has changed I am extremely out dated and it seems like there is no hope for me since the android community doesn't like to help those who are behind the pace.

Anyways, I was running a version of UNOFFICIAL 2.1 bugless beast, as in it was 2.0 with 2.1 features on top, I forgot the rom version.

I also had an overclock kernel from Taz, if anybody remembers him, and it was 900mhz. Phone worked perfectly fine.

Now every single guide on there is for either stock people with 2.1, or people who are already on some sort of froyo rom or whatever, people like me have no solution to the problem I have right now since my phone will not boot nor can I use RSD lite blah blah blah since the battery got killed, want to know why?

I downloaded an kernel, forgot who's it was but it was from alldroid, from about a month ago, and used sbrecovery to flash it, NOT ADB.

After that the phone got thrown into a boot loop, and the battery got killed.

Now I'm trying to figure out a way to upgrade to SOME sort of kernel or rom that would actually WORK on my phone without having it stuck in a boot loop.

Compatible kernels with compatible roms are out of the question since to upgrade to a newer rom, like let's say bugless beast, I need a bunch of new tools and a bunch of other things, since now everybody seems to be rom developers and they speak their own language that people like me just don't understand, what happened to the simple put in your sd card and update? Why do I need all these new apps that not only you need to have on your computer that I CAN'T EVEN FIND WHERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM, BUT are meant for phones that you can BOOT into, so how on earth do you guys expect me to install a compatible rom to at least fix the boot loop problem if I DONT EVEN HAVE A WAY TO INSTALL THOSE APPS thanks to my phone NOT booting.

I can't also reflash a new kernel because 1) no kernels these days are compatible with the rom I was using 2) if they're not, which wouldn't work because of #1, then they would be boot.img files which require adb, which I can't use.

So I am stuck here, and I can't get out, and nobody wants to help me, they point to me irrelevant solutions that obviously have nothing to do at all to what my problem is, and all these problems because of ONE ****ing kernel.

I'm already really pissed at how ignorant everybody is being, after you read this thread, READ IT AGAIN, so you know what my problem is EXACTLY.

I wish I could use rom manager to fix all of this, but sorry, the same problem I'm trying to fix is the same problem keeping me from doing so.

I wish I could use clockword recovery or whatever the heck you guys call it, but I have no clue what that is and it's not like anybody bothers to tell me, but it's not like I could install it anyways, my phone is stuck in a boot loop because of one kernel I flashed that sent my phone to hell.

I wish I could use rsd, but my phone's battery got killed, and it's stuck in a boot loop. I don't even know what that is as well, or what's it's used for, since it's pretty irrelevant to my problems.


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Jun 14, 2010
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You can still use rsd lite if your phone is stuck in a boot loop I did so myself. I booted the phone holding the up button on the direction pad and when the bootloader screen appeared i then connected it to the computer and it worked fine. So give that a try and let me know how that goes and i'll continue to help you from there


Apr 19, 2010
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dude, there IS NO NEED TO USE RSD LITE! All you have to do is find a new battery and boot into recovery under partitions menu you can mount USB Mass Storage ( which will mount your sd card to your computer ) and you can put a new ROM or Kernel on there rename it to and flash it so your phone will boot up. Basically any ROM can be used and renamed to and flashed with SPRecovery. You just have to read the thread and pick the right download. Clockwork is a recovery image just like SPRecovery you have to have clockwork to use ROM Manager. it makes you flash it when you go to launch ROM Manager for the first time. Im my opinion it's A LOT better then SPRecovery. but what i just told you is ALL you have to do. your only problem is getting a battery worse comes to worse you have to buy another one that will come a little charged. Or go buy a battery charger and charge your battery then throw it back into your phone.