[HOW TO] Droid X Bootup Sound (Sort Of)


Jan 17, 2010
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Hawk Run, PA
Now i dont know how many people acually want to to this, or if anyone had troubles getting the DX to have a bootup sound, but i found a way to make it work for me.
And Im Not Responible For Any Bricked Phones And That Stuff. (Even Though Im Possitive It Wont Mess Any Thing Up.)
Im also runnig the 2.2 Froyo leak, not the 2.3.13 or whatever. Also rooted.

I use RootExplorer to do this.

- Now this is really simple. All you have to do is go in the "build.prop" file located in /system. (Also press the little "Mount R/W" box so it reads "Mount R/O.")
- Long press on it and go to the bottom where it says "Open in Text Editor."
- Now scroll down about half way till you find a line that says "# persist.mot.powerup.tone=/system/media/bootup.ogg"
- All you do is delete the "#."
- Also there are a lot of line torwards the botom that read
I changed all of them to say =true. (Not sure if it matters, but just to make sure.)
- Then after that save the "build.prop"
- To have a sound you MUSTput it in /system/media and it MUST be named bootup.ogg
Now i dont know much about bootanimations but there something you have to edit in the desc.txt file to make the sound play in a certain spot. Mine plays at the end right before the notification sounds play. So what i did was find a bootanimation with the file to make the sounds play at the right times. http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-general-discussions/55376-droid-x-boot-animation-incredible-w-new-sound-mix.html[/URL] This is the one i used with the android audio 1.mp3 file. (Changed to bootup.ogg) I tried it and got the animation to work good, but the sound played at the end. :(
Well at least this a good start. I know there a lot of people on here that are good with bootanimations so if you could find out how to edit the desc.txt to make this work, i think all of us will be greatly appreciated.
If you have any problems post them on here.
I got all this info from many different posts on forums. I dont remember where exactly but i give credit where it is needed.


Sep 9, 2010
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Mine says "Droooiiid" every time your power it on or plug into the PC, even in "quiet" mode.

I would just prefer it to shut the heck up, especially when I've told it to be silent.

What do I do to STOP the 'droid' announcement?