how to downgrade to stock froyo without computer or root


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Mar 6, 2012
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Hi, Ive been trying to get root back only phone since gingerbread upgrade, which in still operating on my Droid x. I need to know how to either downgrade to stock froyo without pc or root, or just be able to root gingerbread. Ive tried gingerbreak, seems to want to work, but i let it root for like 20 mins, still nothing. See, my X use to be rooted (z4) but i guess once i upgraded to gingerbread, root capabilities went out the door. Cause I still have superuser installed, but no superuser access. I've tried unrooting with z4, but won't unroot. Also, ive tried updating superuser, "gaining superuser access: failed" . I also tried maderstcok. Zip but I can't use rom manager boot recovery cause no root. Please, any advise will help. I've pretty much decided in gonna have to buy a laptop and just reroot. All I really wanted to so is change my boot animation, but root explorer won't let me tap r/w button to get into system file. And I don't have a data/local file, i tried absolute systems, but won't let me install new animation. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thnx for your time, i always turn to the pros when in need advise.