how to do the pretty customs


Jun 16, 2010
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Even though my wife wants to have hers back to stock i love my new rooted phone.

I was at the show your custom themes thread and some of these are AWESOME

I was wondering and sorry if there is already a thread i couldnt find it if someone can tell me how or direct me to the right place. Thank you


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Mar 1, 2010
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Google Google Google

There are literally too many sites and threads to point to anything specific for such a general question.

In general you want to google ROM, themes, and boot animations (and guide) for android. this is a good start to finding the "pretty customs."

This site is very useful and has many guides under the right sections. Like the ROM section and theme section. Wander around a bit with those words in mind. Look for the stickies at the tops of the forums for useful guides. When confused, let google be your guide (stick android at the beginning of every search).

Look up Cynogen, Droid Mod, Bugless Beauty, and many many others for full custom ROMs. You can go crazy and find custom icons for apps, boot animations, and homescreens. (search launcher and Home++ in the market -- hell for that matter search root in the market). Themes are your best bet, beware they are often ROM specific.

Go forth and prosper, I believe in you. :icon_ banana:
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