[How-To]Disable or prevent auto starting autorun apps


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Mar 15, 2010
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how to kill / disable various autorun apps (amazon mp3, corp cal, etc).
I looked for a while and had a hard time locating good info .. so, this is what worked for me (moto droid 2.2 rooted):

you need: rooted android, root explorer app.

use root explorer to RENAME app extension: example

1-open root explorer, allow superuser access
2-navigate to /system/app ... select MOUNT R/W.
3-find, for example, com.amazon.mp3.apk and RENAME to com.amazon.mp3.apk.bak

do this for the apps you want to prevent from constantly auto starting .. email, corp cal, amazonmp3, visual voice mail, whatever. just be careful and don't go crazy whackin' stuff.

worked perfect for me. after a couple hours I am still running LEAN and fast .. nothing starting that I don't want.

hope that helps.
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