HOW TO: Convert PDFs to Aldiko Books


Nov 22, 2009
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Hey guys, this is my first how to, but im sure it will come in handy for many of you. I found this application for PC, Mac and Linux called Calibre. This application will converyt all of your .PDF into .ePUB files. So here is the process i used to convert Zombie Survival guide into an Aldiko book.

1. Install Calibre. Tell it where you want the converted files output to.

2. Select the Google phone setting in Calibre for conversion.

3. Up in the top left corner of Calibre, there is a green button that you use to add your PDFs. You can either go one at a time and convert them, or you can add all of your PDFs and convert them in a batch.

4. Mount your phone and navigate to your eBooks section on the SD card. Add a new folder called import.

5. Now in another explorer window, navigate to your Ebook output folder that you designated at the install of calibre.

6. copy your book over from your computer to your phone. If you want to conserve space, you can also open up the books file and delete the original PDF. Make sure you leave the .Epub in there though

7. Lastly, unmount your phone, open up aldiko, press the menu softkey and select import. This will scan your import folder and import any books you have put in there. (Dont worry if it takes a long time, its just doin its thing.)

Hopefully this helps a lot of people out. i know im going to be reading more.
PM me with any questions
I just use the free Adobe reader for Android for pdf books.

+1 for Calibre and Aldiko.

I'm on my 3rd book that I'm reading on my phone.

The nice thing is it saves the page you are on. I don't know if the free Adobe reader does that for pdf books but if so that tool would work for me too, if my books were in pdf format.
Hey! Silvasrt4...
Step 1 - didn't you mean "install Calibre" ??

Step 2 - a puzzle, what has Google phone got to do with it? Ok, I know when I actually try Calibre it'll probably make no difference, just curious, but maybe it's another typo?

Thanks for yor helpful post.

Ol' Bab
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thanks...all i do is import them, convert to epu..finito....thats it. simple as that. under "page setup" , i leave it as default...never had one issue converting pdfs to epub