How much will I be pro-rated for 1 day of Droid usage?


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Nov 9, 2009
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I bought a Droid today at Best Buy, set up a new Verizon account and everything.

I AM NOT bashing the Droid... In fact I was very impressed with its speed, beautiful screen and compact size. But unfortunately I find the keyboard to be very uncomfortable and cramped. I couldn't type very fast on it at all.

I'm returning it tomorrow and I know I'll be refunded the cost of the phone + tax, as well as the activation free (because it's within the 3 day period).

But my question is how much will Verizon bill me for just 24 hours worth of their data plan??? I only surfed the web for like 30 minutes on it - no voice or text.

Any help/answers will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Really?? That's it? Are you sure?

And thanks dude
I believe a new Verizon account has a grace period in which you can try out every aspect of their service. Based on this you should not be charged anything at all.

I will see if I can find an accurate source of information.

Your best bet honestly would be to just call Customer Service and ask them how much you would be charged IF you did what you did. Pretend that you want to try out the service.
So the first replier was just being a jerk and giving me a random number??? Real mature.

Thanks to the second replier for the actual help.
You can make a phone call yourself to get the answer... nobody here has that magic number, it's based on how many minutes you have used etc....

As for the keyboard.... it's like anything, you will learn to get faster and faster with it.... If you want to give up already then make the call and return it... :)
35$ restocking fee + prorated amount based on how minutes/data/messages you used.
There's no restocking fee, Best Buy's receipt says NOTHING about restocking fee for cell phones. Please don't pull things out of (where the sun don't shine)
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It took me more than one day to get used to the keyboard on the Droid. More like 3 days.

I find myself using the virtual keyboard in landscape a lot more though. And I was a diehard physical keyboard guy. ;)
I was stating Verizon's return policy. Don't get all pissed off when someone gives you a realistic answer. If all you wanna do is ask questions and bash the answers, find the answers for yourself.

Edit: And there's a good chance Best Buy will make you go by Verizon's returns policy for the device because you signed a contract and the return policy will be based off Verizon's contract wording but I could be incorrect. Worked in Best Buy cellular for 2 years, and Best Buy did not make up the returns/cancellations policies, that all depended on the service provider

So, basically what I am getting at is call Best Buy, we can't tell you.

Edit #2: Also, if you are in the United States there should have been a best buy open somewhere that could have given you your answer. Even if you're east coast time, it was only 8:20.
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Verizon where I am from. Its 30 days no questions asked. Not happy return it and cancel contract. No problem, I have seen this done.
My apologies, the restocking fee only applies if you are swapping for another device, or if you purchase another device in 3 days. So basically, there is absolutley no way for any of us on here to tell you how much the cost will be because it will be a prorated amount based on your usage.
I am blown away that someone is giving up on the droid just because the physical keyboard isn't perfect. Wow! That's like returning a car (which you can't do..just saying) because the steering wheel grip doesn't feel right on your hands when you make a left turn while driving backwards. But to each their own. The virtual keyboard is insanely accurate and works great, even if it does take up some space on the screen. All that this phone offers, I can't imagine the physical keyboard being a deal breaker. Why by an Android phone for a physical keyboard? The platform is what you buy Android for... what it offers, the flexibility, apps, customizations, growth potential, etc etc.
There's no restocking fee, Best Buy's receipt says NOTHING about restocking fee for cell phones. Please don't pull things out of (where the sun don't shine)

Try again...
I bought a iPhone and got slammed with a restocking fee...