How I HARD bricked my droid 2


Jan 13, 2011
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It all started about 2 weeks ago I decided to do the OTA update to GB. After hours of searching for ways to do this to my already rooted D2 running apex I managed to get updated by SBF'in 3 times to Froyo 2.2 then doing the OTA update, rerooting using droid3 root and replacing my apps with Titanium backup.

Woohoo everything was good, except I was getting ****ty battery length like half a day max, even after freezing all bloatware etc. So I decided I would try Apex 2.0 having heard good stuff about battery life. I made mY backup using Rom Manager/Droid Bootstrap and started the install from .zip file for Apex 2.0.

And this is where the trouble began. I was boot looping at the Apex logo and nothing I tried would get it passed there including wiping all cache. So no problem I made a backup I will just restore and be good to go. I SBF back to froyo 2.2, activate my phone, reroot it, install bootstrap and rom manager and start the restore. About half way through I realized I didnt upgrade to GB first well too late. Once completed I am getting no where wont even boot passed the Moto Logo.

Ok no problem I says to myself we can start over, SBF back to Froyo only this time something goes wrong during the flash and I get an error in RSD. "WTF".. RSD says to reboot phone manually.. no problem I push the power and nothing. Hmmmm try it again a few more times nothing. So I pull the battery and put it back in. As soon as the battery goes in the screen goes directly to the flash screen and there on the screen to my horror is the words "bad boot" ...

Nothing gets me anywhere and the phone is now not being seen by RSD at all, regardless of the amount of times I pull battery and restart RSD, nothing is being seen by RSD. I bow my head in shame and feel like I just shot my best friend in the world.

MORAL of the story - Kids dont put a GB backup on to a phone that is only on Froyo

HAPPY ENDING: So I go into my local Verizon store after work and give them a good story about "while I was doing the GB upgrade I bumped my phone off my desk and the battery came out" which crashed the phone, They tell me the will replace it with a Certified Used replacment, BUT they dont have any Droid 2's in stock so they will have to replace it with a Droid 3. Woot!! time to look up Droid 3 hacks.

Yes I might be a dumbass for jacking my phone, but appatently a lucky one somehow. Just glad I didnt have to shell out $300 bonez for a new one.